Skorpios Technologies and LuxshareTech Announce Strategic Partnership to Produce Optical Modules

Combining Skorpios’ Tru-SiPh™ Technology and LuxshareTech Technical and Manufacturing Expertise.

San Diego, California. March 8, 2022 – Skorpios Technologies, Inc., a vertically integrated leader in heterogeneously integrated silicon photonics, and LuxshareTech, an outstanding comprehensive manufacturer of Ethernet connectivity products, today announced a strategic relationship to leverage Skorpios’ disruptive optical technology to provide optical modules at incredibly low prices. LuxshareTech will collaborate with Skorpios to produce compact optical engines with extremely high yield and rapid ramping for high volume mass production due to simplicity of manufacturing process. They will also cooperate on future products such fully integrated 800G/1.6T silicon photonics modules for global customers. Come learn about the partnership at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in San Diego March 8-10 in Skorpios’ booth 5727.

“Skorpios’ fully integrated optical functionality greatly simplifies our manufacturing and reduces our costs,” said Mike Gao, General Manager of LuxshareTech Opto-electronic BU. “We’ve been working with Skorpios perfecting the photonic module design and technology for our customers since early 2021.”

“The Luxshare team brings technical excellence, manufacturing prowess, and low cost structures,” said David Huff, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Skorpios. “Combining Skorpios’ unique Tru-SiPh™ platform with LuxshareTech was a natural fit for us as we pursue high volume end customers.”




About Skorpios Technologies, Inc.

Skorpios is a semiconductor company delivering highly integrated products based upon its proprietary, wafer-scale, heterogeneous integration process known as Tru-SiPh™. This novel process leverages the existing silicon manufacturing ecosystem to enable high bandwidth interconnectivity at mature CMOS manufacturing costs. Skorpios’ unique platform can be used to address a wide range of applications: high speed video, data and voice communications for networking, cloud computing, consumer, medical, and more. For more information, visit   Follow us on Twitter @Tru-SiPh and on LinkedIn @Skorpios Technologies.

About LuxshareTech, Ltd.

LuxshareTech is a global designer and manufacturer of cable assembly and connector system solutions for consumer, automotive, cloud, and enterprise applications. Dedicated to flexible design, agile manufacturing, and collaborative partnerships, LuxshareTech works with technology leaders to create innovative solutions that transform our industries. Learn more at


Press Contact:

David Huff

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Skorpios Technologies, Inc.