Smarter Integration. Superior Products.

Skorpios’ unique technology and proprietary wafer scale process allow to monolithically integrate silicon with III-V gain materials used as the active medium, to create Silicon Photonic ICs.

This platform called Skorpios’ Template Assisted Bonding (STAB) can be easily integrated into existing mature Silicon CMOS manufacturing facilities, enabling the generation, detection and modulation of light to be monolithically integrated with existing CMOS technologies on a single chip.

Such ICs combine the scale and economics of the silicon industry with the power and flexibility of optics in a wafer scale process. This delivers a number of important benefits, including lower power consumption, cost reduction, greater integration and significantly higher density.

Thus, Skorpios’ technology is creating an inflection point in the semiconductor industry and revolutionizing the way information is transmitted.

In a similar modular approach to the electronic ASIC industry, Silicon Photonic ICs are constructed from a set of photonic and electrical “macrocell” building blocks. Our macrocells include modulators, detectors, lasers, and other active elements and can be configured together with companion CMOS control electronics to form Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs). The CSSPs can thus be rapidly designed to address varied applications, both custom, and subject to multi-source agreements (MSAs).

The modular macrocell approach also greatly reduces development expense and technical risk, whilst improving time to market.

It is our ability to offer all of these fundamental macrocells.