The Skorpios Wafer Solutions group offers an extensive product line of high-quality, test-grade and monitor wafers for semiconductor equipment and materials suppliers – ensuring access to the materials and structures they need to solve complex development issues.

Home to the most broad selection of test wafer types commercially available, the Skorpios Wafer Solutions product line includes over 60 unique dielectric and conductive thin films. Services are performed in our flexible 68,000 ft2, class 10 cleanroom in Austin, TX with capabilities ranging from one-off novel film development to low volume production. Our catalog includes more than 600 standard test wafer products used for CMP, Etch, Litho, Deposition, Metrology, Cleans and Fills.

The Wafer Solutions group also manufactures several types of patterned test wafers for both planarity and defectivity evaluations with design and in-house wafer level testing services covering various technologies, design flows and customized layouts. Click through samples of our catalog using the menu above.

Products are available on both 200mm and 300mm silicon wafers as well as the following non-standard substrates:

  • Quartz
  • Sapphire
  • Glass

Skorpios Wafer Solutions products & services include:

  • 200mm reticles
  • 300mm reticles
  • Custom wafer processing: over 7,000 different process flows to build on
  • Affordable access to advanced tools & expertise
  • IP protection: stringent information security protocol adherence
  • A variety of low-k wafers
    • K-values from 2.4 to 3.0k
    • CVD low-k materials
  • 193nm high NA lithography
    • Patterning down to 100 nm dense lines or 130 nm contacts
  • Blanket Films
    • Copper, implant, low-k, metal, PECVD & thermal film types
    • Low defectivity
  • State-of-the-art 300 mm interconnect copper module:
    • 300 mm blanket copper wafers
    • 300 mm patterned copper wafers for CMP, etch, cleans development
  • 454 advanced test reticle for chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP)
    • Ideal test vehicle for helping tool-makers & consumable suppliers stay competitive
    • Smallest feature sizes available on a CMP reticle: 100nm line spaces
    • Available on both 200mm & 300mm wafers
  • High-k gate films produced by atomic layer deposition (ALD)
    • Available on 200mm and 300mm wafers
  • Advanced Gate ALD & PVD materials for metal gate electrode
    • Compatible with high-k gate films
    • Based primarily on compounds of hafnium, tantalum, & titanium for enabling transistor technology innovation