Skorpios Technologies, Inc. Today Announces the Relocation of Its Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Operation to Southern California

New Facility Offers Expansion and Access to Talent

Austin, Texas March 2, 2023 – Skorpios Technologies, Inc., a vertically integrated leader in heterogeneously integrated silicon photonics announced today that it will be moving fab operations from Austin, Texas to Southern California. The new 450,000 sq. ft. facility enables manufacturing expansion opportunities to support the customer demand for its Tru-SiPh™ Heterogeneous Photonic Integrated Circuits.  Skorpios will be phasing out production at the Austin facility from the end of February through March and restart manufacturing operations by April 30, 2023.


The new facility will provide Skorpios with several benefits:  A workforce from the prior owners with high-volume manufacturing experience, proximity to potential employees in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, more modern cleanroom support equipment, and sufficient space to expand for growth. The transition will also allow Skorpios to redesign factory flow to be more efficient, while upgrading some tools during the transition. Skorpios will manage the transition expeditiously, minimizing customer disruption to the extent possible.


In 2017, Skorpios acquired the 66,000 Sq Ft semiconductor fab in Austin, TX which was originally the storied SEMATECH Consortium fab. The Austin, Texas fab has worked on next-gen semiconductor process development for more than three decades, and still supports new product and technology development for military and commercial customers. Skorpios is proud to continue this legacy at the larger more modern facility in Southern California.


“Skorpios’ fab is a leader in many of the key technologies such as heterogeneous integration and 3D packaging that will be important in the next generation of semiconductor technologies.” said Stephen Krasulick, CEO and Cofounder of Skorpios. “These capabilities are key aspects of our Tru-SiPh™ technology platform. We look forward to continuing to expand our silicon photonics capacity in the new, larger facility in Southern California.”


Staffing at the new facility will encompass some transferred employees from Austin and new hires in California.




About Skorpios Technologies, Inc.

Skorpios is a semiconductor company delivering highly integrated products based upon its proprietary, wafer-scale, heterogeneous integration process known as Tru-SiPh™. This novel process leverages the existing silicon manufacturing ecosystem to enable high bandwidth interconnectivity at mature CMOS manufacturing costs. Skorpios’ unique platform can be used to address a wide range of applications: high speed video, data and voice communications for networking, cloud computing, consumer, medical, and more. For more information, visit   Follow us on Twitter @Tru-SiPh and on LinkedIn @Skorpios Technologies.


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David Huff

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Skorpios Technologies, Inc.