Anritsu and Skorpios to Demonstrate 800G Technology at OFC 2022

San Diego, CA – February 28, 2022 – Anritsu Company and Skorpios Technologies, Inc., an integrated silicon photonics company, will conduct a joint live demonstration highlighting emerging 800G technology in the Skorpios OFC booth (#5727). The two leaders in high-speed communications will demonstrate the Skorpios 800G optical IC with the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A.

The SKRP 2035 Highly Integrated Photonic Integrated Circuit (HPIC) is the world’s only single-chip device able to take in 100 Gb/s PAM4 electrical input and generate IEEE 802.3 FR4-compliant optical PAM4 eyes; no external lasers fiber coupled to the device, no flip-chip devices on top. In addition, the uncooled HPIC multiplexes the 8 PAM4 optical signals into two single-mode fibers, each with four wavelengths using 1310 nm CWDM.

The matching SKRP 2025 800G 2xFR4 receiver HPIC, with its polarization insensitive optical paths and integrated optical demux, splits the incoming wavelengths into 8 individual channels and converts them back to electrical signals with no external optical elements required. Both devices feature spot-size converters, making the only optical alignment required, to the fibers, a breeze. Together, the two devices are capable of transmission of 800 Gb/s data over more than 2 km of distance.

A number of advanced features make the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT well suited for high-speed applications such as the OFC demonstration. Its built-in PAM4 Pulse Pattern Generator, which can produce up to 128 Gbps (64 Gbaud) signals with best-in-class signal integrity for low intrinsic jitter and fast Tr/Tf, will provide the PAM4 data signal to the Skorpios optical modulators. The stress injection and jitter tolerance test capability of the MP1900A will be used to highlight the high performance of the optical IC.

The MP1900A BERT also has 4-channel synchronization to support 400GE, and real time PAM4 bit error rate (BER) tests with capture and Forward Error Correction (FEC) analysis. Burst error analysis to determine the causes of FEC-correctable and uncorrectable errors can also be determined with the MP1900A.

“OFC is the leading conference for advanced optical technologies, so it is appropriate that Anritsu will showcase our testing solutions that are moving the industry forward. Skorpios shares our commitment to provide the necessary products to address the high-speed needs of the market, which will be evident during our joint demonstration,” said Robert E. Johnson, Anritsu Company General Manager and Vice President.

“We are pleased to show the ground-breaking performance of our HPICs with the incredibly accurate output of the MP1900A BERT,” said David Huff, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Skorpios. “We look forward to continued great support as we move to higher speeds and bit rates for our devices.”

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