Skorpios Technologies Joins the Alliance of Data Center, Switching and Optical Transceiver Companies Supporting Standards for 100GBase CLR4

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – April 3, 2014 – Skorpios Technologies, Inc., a fabless integrated silicon photonics system-on-a-chip company, today announced that it joined an alliance of companies supporting the 100G CLR4 CWDMspecifications for data center applications.

The 100G CLR4 Alliance was organized by a group of industry leaders, major data center providers, networking companies and optical vendors who are in support of a transceiver based upon 100G CWDM (Coarse Division Multiplexing) LR4 (4 wavelengths) in the 1310nm window and 20nm spacing, hence “CLR4.” Alliance partners believe that this approach will enable the rapid development and adoption of this market segment. Conversely, the lack of low-cost, 100G transceivers may become an impediment to the adoption of advanced CPUs, FLASHSSDs and switching silicon to build the next generation systems for cloud, HPC and enterprise data centers. This Alliance may evolve into an MSA over time.

At the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC 2014) last month, Skorpios announced and demonstrated products based on its proprietary Skorpios Template Assisted Bonding (STAB) process. In particular, Skorpios showcased its industry leading 100G 10km, CLR4 transceiver in a QSFP 28 package together with its leading edge silicon photonics-based micro-ITLA. With these products, Skorpios is delivering on the promise of silicon photonics with the highest-density form factor, lowest-power dissipation and lowest-cost products available in the market.

“Joining this alliance of industry leaders enables quicker adoption of Skorpios’ leading 100G QSFP28 product line,” said Alfredo Viglienzoni, senior vice president of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Skorpios. “Our novel technology platform allows us to deliver a single product that covers applications from a few hundreds of meters to 10 kilometers. At this point, the technology innovation, which has been the foundation of this company, evolves into product innovation as Skorpios ramps-up production. Our goal has always been to make Skorpios a company known for its innovative technology and highly differentiated products.”

About Skorpios Technologies
Skorpios is a fabless semiconductor company delivering highly integrated communication products based upon our proprietary, wafer-scale, silicon photonics process. This novel process leverages the existing silicon manufacturing ecosystem to enable high-bandwidth interconnectivity at mature CMOS manufacturing costs. Skorpios’ unique platform can be used to address a wide range of applications: high-speed video, data and voice communications for networking and cloud computing, storage, wireless and cable TV. For further information please visit: