As a critical component of key subsystems in optical network systems, photonic planar lightwave circuits (PLCs) enable superior performance but are challenging and costly to develop and manufacture. By partnering with Skorpios, customers can increase the output of current silicon and quartz-based products, while accelerating the development of new PLC concepts.

Optical waveguide PLC fabrication processes are an extension of CMOS and MEMS processing technology where core lithography, etch, and thin-films technologies apply. Process control of line widths, sidewall roughness, refractive-index uniformity, film thickness, and stress are all key in optimizing device performance.

fiber optical network cable


Most CMOS semiconductor foundries can only handle a small selection of materials. Skorpios makes novel materials standard. We utilize an Element Review Board (ERB) to enable safe and efficient introduction of any new materials into our facilities.