As the world’s appetite for bandwidth escalates, Skorpios Technologies enables customers to experiment with new architectures and materials to address the unique demands of technologies such as such as photonics, RF MEMS and waveguides.

We offer strong capabilities for telecommunications companies that want to get to market quickly with new products – from optical switches to wireless base stations – based on today’s hottest technologies:

  • Photonics

  • RFM MEMES Devices

  • Wavesguides

Skorpios’ MEMS and photonics development and manufacturing capabilities are industry leading. Together with our infrastructure and value chain partnerships, we deliver core capabilities for the telecommunications industry, including:

  • Eight-inch fab for development and production support

  • IP protection for customer processes

  • Development support for exotic materials

  • CMOS integration capabilities

  • Partnerships with high-volume foundries

In addition, when development is complete, customers can work with Skorpios to apply our FastXfer methodology to transfer processes to the foundry of their choice.

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