Technological breakthroughs in medicine and the life sciences are increasingly driven by needs for earlier diagnoses and treatment at a lower price point. Lab-on-a-chip technology accelerates today’s most sophisticated research and enables quicker, more precise testing at the point-of-care.

Skorpios Technologies, ISO 13485 certified, delivers a full range of capabilities to power LOC products from consumables for next generation sequencing and point-of-care diagnostic tests to implantable drug delivery devices. We offer strong development expertise in technology integration and commercialization to significantly speed the introduction of bioelectronics companies’ multi-modality devices to market.

Engineering support areas:

  • CMOS architectures

  • MEMS

  • High Voltage

  • 3D IC sensor integration

  • Novel Transistors

  • Opto-electronics

  • Volatile and non-volatile memory

  • Compound semiconductors

  • Photonics

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