ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – September 19, 2014 Skorpios Technologies, Inc., a fabless integrated silicon photonics system on a chip company, today announced that it will deliver technology and market presentations at ECOC 2014. Highlighting its proprietary Skorpios’ Template Assisted Bonding (STAB) process, Skorpios will discuss the state of Silicon Photonics Market Opportunities and present exciting progress on its tunable laser realized using the STAB process.

100G Telecom and Datacom opportunities continue to be very exciting, especially as 100G moves into Datacenter and Cloud infrastructures. Skorpios is focused on delivering its first pluggable transceiver, QSFP28-CWDM, 100G that will support two industry standard specifications – CWDM4 MSA and CLR4 Alliance, as well as its tunable Laser for Coherent transmission, which can be packaged in a micro ITLA form-factor. With these products, Skorpios delivers on the promise of silicon photonics with the most highly integrated, lowest power dissipation and highest-density form-factors available in the market. Only through the capabilities enabled by the STAB platform, Skorpios is able to offer two such diverse products simultaneously.

“We’ve been excited with the strong industry support of our technology platform, our product roadmap, and opportunities for Silicon Photonics based products at large. We’re focused on delivering our first two products in 100G market, accelerating adoption of 100G Single Mode Fiber Duplex solutions in volume applications”, said Alfredo Viglienzoni, SVP Sales, Marketing, and Business Development.
Skorpios will also be presenting technical and marketing papers at ECOC. At the Market Watch Photonics Integration Session, Alfredo Viglienzoni, will discuss “Skorpios Delivers on the Promises of Silicon Photonics”. He will also present on Sunday at WS1 – “Which Laser Source for Silicon Photonics”.
Additionally, Hacene Chaouch, Director of Product Management for Transceivers, will be presenting an invited paper on “High Power, Narrow Line-width, Low Noise, Integrated CMOS Tunable Laser for Long Haul Coherent Applications”. He will also present a paper “Field Trials of a Coherent UDWDM PON: Real-time LTE Backhauling, Legacy and 100G Coexistence”.

Skorpios invites customers to meet at ECOC Cannes 2014, September 22-24, 2014. Please contact Samir Desai (+1 949 637 8829) or Alfredo Viglienzoni (+1 323 823 9760) to arrange further discussions.

About Skorpios Technologies
Skorpios is a fabless semiconductor company delivering highly integrated communications products based upon our proprietary, wafer-scale, silicon photonics process. This novel process leverages the existing silicon manufacturing ecosystem to enable high bandwidth interconnectivity at mature CMOS manufacturing costs. Skorpios’ unique platform can be used to address a wide range of applications: high-speed video, data and voice communications for networking and cloud computing, storage, wireless and cable TV.